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Inside a saltwater room.

Posted by Janus On 4:11 PM 1 comments

our summer is screeching to a close.

and what kind of summer break would it be if we never went to teh pool or beach at least once?

that sounds like my summer for the past 7 years, actually.

well, perfectly timed with the news of my friends' successful summer classes, we went to Mt. Uragay. [it's a pool. an ice-cold one.] *shiver*

though we were incomplete, and i didn't know half the group [i didn't take summer classes] i had uber-fun.

but the problem remains.

this is my third trip swimming and i'm still not comfortable in the water.

maybe i should take swimming lessons again?

nah. doing laps in a pool of other people's misery should do the trick.

so while i practice, here are a few pics.

photo credits: _mArNz_
/* i hope i get to enroll soon so i wont be left behind. :(
* mama took Genesis away. amf./