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The BEST Year Ender.

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i love my friends.

you know, the ones that shift your mood from SUICIDAL [refer to previous post] to OVERJOYED.

i was distraught, depressed, and any other negative adjective in my vocabulary.

all it took was one phone call to turn my WORST year ender into the BEST year ender.

and in a span of 10 minutes, i found myself in front of the Cebu Grand Convention Center.

and not only did i get to enjoy a mini-reunion, but i got free food as well XD

'twas the best "what the hell is going on!?" moment EVAR.

/* to my other batchmates, see you in two years or sooner. :D
* this was the first time i crashed a graduation. XD
* why doesn't this happen to me moar often? */


The WORST Year Ender.

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in the true spirit of reality, we not only had to survive FINALS WEEK but DEFENSE WEEK as well.

or as i like to call it: MASSACRE WEEK.

the TECHNICAL WRITING one was ok. we got a good grade.

the SAD defense was harsh.

we already had so many mistakes before it even started.

as it progressed, things went more smoothly though.
[except for two of our members. fingerscrossed.]

what really shook me up was the VB defense.

it was more of a test than a defense. but it was definitely, in no way, more comforting.

i sat there as mistake upon mistake piled onto my test paper.

witnessing your errors first-hand is incredibly painful.

i spent many a night scavenging from myself and others for codes.

and during our last encoding session...

... my final changes that made my program almost complete...

... weren't even saved.

i leave this ____.


Lights Out.

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does this mean we can still turn on our electric fans? [coz la mn mi aircon XD]

and that our laptops [or netbooks -_-] can stay on but with low brightness?

ever since 2008, earth hour has become an amazing, global phenomenon.

what started out as one city's stand against global warming inspired our whole world.

this is our chance to save energy...

... to show that we care...

... to take a stand...

... and to live in the dark for at least 60 minutes. :D

so tonight, turn off your lights.

maybe even unplug your electrical appliances. [coz they're still eating while asleep. gluttons.]

i support Earth Hour.

let's make the Panda proud.

need moar info?

[it's the Philippines sub-site but you can navigate your way to the main one right?]



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Tired, weary, and over fatigued. They were wasted, drunk on determination to beat the deadline until it bled internally and externally. After encountering that avalanche of work, consecutive sleepless nights, and irritable mornings, afternoons, and evenings, they doubted life would get any easier.

/* 2nd all-nighter in a row.
* and yet i still have time to blog. :D */

*i'm The.Narrator and this is just the prologue*


i been tumbling

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yeah, i TUMBL