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Immortal and Dominating

Posted by Janus On 9:30 PM 0 comments

The Road to Domination IV [ZXOnline].

this is an event not to be missed by hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and everyone in between.

for Cebuano Immortals, head on over to SM Cebu on February 27, 2010.

Domination commences at 10 am.

below are the events and corresponding rules & prizes. :D

Extreme Ampao Challenge Episode 2


  1. Each team must have 3 members to participate.
  2. A challenge with clues is inside every ampao the participants receive. Participants will use these clues to help them get to the finish line.
  3. The team to complete the series of tasks wins!


· 1 Faery Mage Monkey Pet (Permanent)
· 1 ZX ID Lace

Outwit the Wise Men


  1. The host shall choose 2 teams composed of 3 members.
  2. Each team will be provided a Manila paper and marker pens.
  3. They will play a game of charades and the team to get the most number of right answers in 5 minutes wins.
  4. Charade Rules:
    • You cannot say any words. Doing otherwise means automatic disqualification.
    • You can only provide physical gestures and actions like nodding to say yes, or forming an “X” sign with your hands if it’s wrong
    • You can only use the provided materials: paper, pens, etc.
    • Drawings can be used, but you cannot write any WORDS or LETTERS
    • Do a THUMBS-UP once that your team member has provided the correct answer
    • 1 point is given to every correct answer from your members
    • If your members cannot provide an answer, they can PASS!
    • You have a maximum of 3 minutes to have your members guess all the words
    • The Community Manager or GameMaster will read out the CATEGORY of the words to your members.

Prizes for each winner:

· 1 Faery Mage Monkey Pet (Permanent)

· 1 ZX ID Lace

Chopsticks Challenge


  1. The host will choose 5 pairs.
  2. Each team member will be provided a pair of chopsticks.
  3. Each participant will use their chopsticks and they must get the items announced by the host.
  4. These items must not be dropped. If the item is dropped, the participant must go back to the starting line and repeat the process.
  5. The first team to successfully get the items in the storage box wins the game.

Prizes for winning pair:

· 1 Faery Mage Monkey Pet (Permanent)

· 1 ZX ID Lace

Special Activity: Spot the ZX T-Shirt


1. Come to the event wearing your ZX Online t-shirt.

2. Proceed to a Gamemaster or Community Manager MeiYan for verification.

Prize/s for each winner (first-come, first-served basis):

· Rare items from the GMs

well, see you all there.



the cebuano is an OTAKU

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how does one go about explaining COSPLAY?

when you see their outrageous outfits, will you deem it INSANITY?

when you see them perform, will you call it MODERN ART?

when you see the people cheer, would that make it a COMPETITION?

no matter what you call it, COSPLAY will always be COSPLAY.

there will always be cosplayers, and fans alike. [im hoping to be both :D]

it will always be about the costumes, props, and the fun they have dressing up and the fun we have watching them strut around bringing life to our favorite characters.

February 21, 2010. This day was a WIN.

/*want moar pics? add me up on facebook: jm_ilano@yahoo.com
*i srsly need to get a digicam. a lot of the pics are too blurry.
*i have videos but cant upload them :[
*next event is in JULY. :\
*but there's a tanabata festival coming this summer. right here in cebu :D */


Ai-Con 2010

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/* Parkmall, Mandaue.
* Feb. 21, 2010
* i'm going. are you? */



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*o rly?*

*still from Alive*
*al's lelouch*

photoshop FTW