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red and green

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2 days left until my posts will be filed under 'December' instead of 'November'.

the Christmas season is just around the corner. and the signs are obvious.

before all that, i have but one question:

Why is the Season so infectious whereas the Spirit isn't as?

ok, so i didn't really start this post to rant about that issue.

my real motive? i finally have a wishlist.

i can't remember the last time i made one... or if i ever made one at all.

the things on my list aren't what i or anyone else would expect though.

Stephen King's Everything's Eventual

The Dictionary of Mythology

The Best of Edgar Allan Poe's Macabre Tales

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Volumes 1 - 5 in a Trilogy of Five

[no available pic for Volume 5]

but i think i'll save up for these instead.

unless anyone wants to surprise me with a gift or two



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