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yeah... um... so, finals ended last week.

how'd it go? well, as usual, departmental exams were murder [or massacre].

and the final exams of the other subjects weren't that bad.

but due to problems of a monetary nature, most of my final exams won't be graded

but i dont really care about that [i didnt study after all]

the projects got me worked up.

our java program was due in only one week. and with no time to sit in at the comp. lab i had to work on it at home and hope i had enough time to encode during our class.

thankfully, i did.

as for the 213 project..well, we did finish it but we spent so much time working on it.

it was like we spent all day long in the ECE lab.

arriving early [sort of] in the morning and leaving in the late afternoon or in the evening for a week or so.

and here's what we ended up with :

with all that behind us, we can just hope we passed all of our subjects and look forward to the 2nd semester.

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we're well into the month of october. and our finals are next week.

you know what that means. time to pay the fees, cram for exams, and rush to beat the deadlines.

so far, i've got 3 projects for finals. and my finals grades may have to depend on them.

wish us all luck. we're gonna need it.

/** coming up:
* sem break~
* enrollment for 2nd sem
* ARCH-Con at Ayala, October 24 **/

//it's almost the end of the sem...and we're still missing one CESDEV requirement! ><