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A night in August

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as I sat there, the classroom dissolved. only to reconstruct as a fastfood restaurant.
we were having lunch... after 5:30 in the afternoon. we planned to study there as well. so i left to buy snacks. what i saw outside looked oddly like those usually empty squares you see when you enter SM. you know, the ones with the food stalls. the first one i came across was boring. so I went to the next one.

the concrete floor turned to grass as I made my way down. and the night sky was visible overhead. a crowd had formed a circle around the stalls. no one dared to enter. but some would occasionally stand in front of a stall to take a picture [or have their picture taken]. the power was out. i circled around to the back, just as someone stepped forward and announced he could restore the power. he flipped a switch, and the power of the building i never noticed before next to the square went out.

slowly, the building's power came back. and so did the square's. i was zipped into the 'Claim' line of Oishi Manjuu. since i didn't order yet, i inserted into the order line. after i got what i wanted, i started my way back. Hey look, EJ tagged along. i never noticed. we took a different route. a dark path in the path, illuminated by a single lamp post. the park bench was positioned right in the middle in the path. i noticed it just as a pack of domesticated yet savage dogs passed us on the other side of the bench."Don't run", I...um... what's louder than a whisper but still not really audible?

as soon as we were out of sight, we ran for it. the path had sloped downwards, ending in a vast dead end. on the left, a huge house[ancestral maybe?]. to our right, a hill. upon closer inspection, a hill covered in spider webs. the dogs started barking... and started running towards us. we couldn't hide in the house. we would easily be found. so i started climbing. the webs made it easy. i just reached the top. the dogs were right there. i was flung back. and i never landed....

/* nyahahah.this was a dream.i had to draw the last two scenes for a psych project.
* it's hard to update when i don't have net or determination.XD
* i wanna post more...maybe later this week
* im gonna change my header soon ^^ */