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worst.morning.so far

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this day could have started out much worse.

so why didn't it go better than expected?

my dad's away on a business trip, so i gotta help out more around the house.

one way is helping my mother in the morning when she's taking my younger bros to school.

this sucks MAJOR when my first class starts at 7:30 on tth

so, after helping out today, i was able to leave the house at 7:35 [all the jeepneys were full]

i finally got a ride at 7:58

then i got a msg as on my way to school.

it said "Janus wer u nag test bya sah ecOnOmicz prelim."


i ddnt know we would be having our prelim test.

i arrived at school with 30 minutes left for the exam, so i had to rush my answers.

i don't know how i did. i know i didn't do too well.

this just makes my resolve stronger.



mango grove?

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since i'm a second year, i now have to participate in CESDEV activities.

eh? CESDEV? it's an acronym.

oh.lol.it stands for Community... something... Services.... and DEVelopment... i think

well, our activities range from attending seminars held by the volunteers/teachers/our coordinator, and taking part in community outreach programs.

speaking of outreach programs, we just had one today ^^

yup, it's my first


our first outreach program was entitle "Coastal Cleaning and Mangrove Planting"

we were, of course, excited about the "Mangrove Planting". and we were, of course, discouraged by the "Coastal Cleaning". but all we did was plant seedlings XD

the area we were stationed at was muddy and a little submerged in water. up to our calves i think. great place to plant mangroves ne?

and i bet what everyone would remember the most would be the MUD

it was so thick we couldnt wear our slippers coz they might get stuck.

it was squishy beneath our feet and between our toes.

and it wasn't all mud. there was trash there too. pointy trash..

ok, they weren't all pointy. but they were still trash.

anyway, our whole activity .... actually, just the part where we planted the seedlings was covered by GMA [the network not the president]. and they interviewed our coordinator and some of the volunteers.

it was pretty quick. like 2 hours or so.

but it was a great experience. we loved it ^^

too bad it didn't end very well. a lot of us felt tired.

and people took over our seats on the bus

we had to stand and waited until someone got off.

frustration mixed with exhaustion is something you don't wanna mess with.

all in all, we look forward to the next outreach.

now for some pics:

for more pics, check out my facebook album "UCbanilad-related"
add me up: jm_ilano@yahoo.com ^^

.lol moments.
destination FAIL [abot mi compostela]
"kung mg.picture2 mo... dli pde mg.posing.dapat scripted ha?"
pibi constantly worrying bout her cellfone's time settings.
"mango grove planting"
grant's slipper stuck in the muck