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i can't answer that. im at the end of my thinking capacity

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it's been a hell of a week. definitely not what i was expecting.

the one week delay of the start of classes meant i had to be stuck at home for 1 MORE WEEK

i thought that when school started i would feel much better. but i was wrong. DEAD wrong
i only felt a little bit better

the physical presence of my friends and the fact that i was constantly on the move was overshadowed by SCHOOLWORK

i dont really mind that the teachers would want to get started with their discussions

we already missed 1 week. and we had to make up for the lost time.

but the sense of dread and unenthusiasm that comes with school-/homework hit me hard

plus, im not liking my new schedule... much

i go home as early as 5:30 n MWF [yup.to me that's early]

and an hour and a half in between every class isn't as awesome as it sounds

for some reason i wanna do really good this year.

that must mean my insane drive to succeed in the future is kicking in [nus2 is growing up]

waaaaaaaaaaaaa im actually a 2nd year. only 2 more years and i'll be joining the working class

I CAN WAIT [wish me luck]