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i can't answer that. im at the end of my thinking capacity

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their floor, our ceiling

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today is the last day of my summer job.

i can't believe summer's almost over. well, i can. i just dont want to XD

but at least i was able to do something worthwhile instead of just lazing around the house all day for weeks.

all the money i earned goes into funding for my laptop

since summer's almost over, school's about to start.

it's weird, but i can't wait to try out my new schedule [i dont know if i'll love it or hate it]

all i can do is wait [anxiously XD]

in more recent news, i has new shoes ^^

[the brand may not be original but i love them anyway]

yah... they're already dirty... the road was sooooo muddy

i saw "night at the museum 2" at ayala with clarke today [i wish ej could have come]

i liked the plot. never knew a movie about a museum could be exciting XD

it was funny too. not funny "haha", funny "LOL"

i cant wait to see transformers 2, harry potter 6, and ice age 3

but that's a story for another time ^^


it wasn't there....

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i thought i was going to get a new set of keys today.

so i stopped by countrymall on my way home from work to buy a new key chain.

i quickly found the place we bought them before.

only to discover, in utmost horror, that they weren't there anymore...


i looked around but even the dolphins and feet weren't there.

oh well, i guess it's time to get something else...


but i don't want to



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i lost mah keys today

but more importantly i lost my PENGUIN

i lost it...

i lost it...

i lost it...



iSmell... something

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there's been a NASTY smell in the area around the living room for the past couple of days.

we've all been forced to wear handkerchiefs on our faces

it was bearable... but unlucky for me coz the pc is IN the sala and i spend most of my time here [yup, im here ryt now ^^]

so i've had to put up with this RANCID smell.

until tonight.

when we got home from the hospital [did i forget to mention? mah mom was hospitalized again. nothing serious. she's gonna be discharged tomorrow or on sunday], i sped to my room drop off some things.

then my sister called us [it's just me and mah siblings tonight] and she found something


it was a rat

a dead one

and there were maggots

and i had to clean up coz papa went back to the hospital

yeah i may be overreacting, but it was NASTY

i was havin stomach problems today and they got worse

but at least i got over that obstacle [it still stinks tho]

the smell wont be a problem soon

i drowned that part of the floor with alcohol [not the kind u drink] and finally got to use those bottles of body sprays i got for christmas or one of my birthdays

and my nose is numb... sort of. cant really explain it

P.S. happy labor day! [i ddnt hav to work today ]