leave it blank

i can't answer that. im at the end of my thinking capacity

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max it up

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im lovin these slogans from the Pepsi Max bottles... ^^

sorry bout the pics XD promise to do a better job next time [eh? there's more?] maybe



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hey... it's been a while XD

in reference to my previous post, i lifted the ban myself. actually, i lifted it a long time ago. like, 2 days after i was 'banned'. so, i can use this pc now

anyway, i installed O2jam on this pc[again] to keep me away from boredom. and i started reading Love Hina, Bokke-san, and Beelzebub. They're all so lol-worthy

Soul Eater ended

gonna miss it soooooooo much [i dont think it was fair to end it with ONLY 51 EPISODES] but at least the manga is still ongoing [but the updates are taking too long!!!]

also relevant to mah last post, i finally got a new phone~

it's a Verzio Twinn. Slide, touchscreen, dual-sim [kulang nlng 3G XD]

it's easy to navigate through the features [although i havent found the 'handwriting recognition' feature yet], and it can connect to the pc via USB! [the only feature my previous fone was lacking]

oh dang i ended up advertising

back on track, we went to the beach again [it didn't go as we expected], i got a summer job [same as last year, though not as boring], i passed java 1 , i changed the text color of the text inside the [ ] brackets to red from green, and i tried out My Brute. it doesn't offer much, but it's fun and worth your attention.

well, that's pretty much everything. and it won't take me another month to post again.
probably just a couple of days [1 week max]