leave it blank

i can't answer that. im at the end of my thinking capacity

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we just took our semifinal exam for analytic geometry [aka math16] this evening

and im pretty sure i didnt get any points AT ALL

it's not that my mind was BLANK

i had answers... they were just wrong XD

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa i nid to do much better in terms of school work

but that wont mean im not gonna go online for a while. i'll just multi-task


i failed to see why.

we saw "A Chorus Line" last sunday. and i didnt enjoy myself XD

it was a musical. and i was totally put off with musicals by the HSM series

they HAD to sing all their problems! and it didnt make sense since most of them weren't into theater! [im talkin bout HSM btw]

the play we saw was better. the performance by the actors/actresses was fair.

and they dance pretty good.

but the story line needed much improvement.

30 minutes into the show and it was still the same scenario.

20 minutes later and the plot barely developed.

and the way they intonated every single syllable of every word annoyed me to an extreme extent!

and i wished they used mics [some people just dont know when to shut up inside a movie theater]

so, i ended up seeing a play i didnt like [much].

at least i enjoyed the outing afterwards [food~ ]


stress reducers

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im sooooooo bored

even amid updating and maintaining tha site

i cant even keep myself busy with castlevania anymoar....

so what do i do? scan mah files [im bound to find something]

and i did [find something that is]

i was looking through my 'misc' folder and i found....


it's a flash game a classmate sent me not too long ago

i had forgotten all about it.. and i regretted forgetting it.

coz with Stress Reducers, you can take out all your anger by destroying your desktop XD

dont worry, it's a flash game. so, of course, your desktop won't really be destroyed.

here's how it works:

whatever your desktop looks like when you launch the game will be your 'workspace'

then you are given the chance to use 8 tools[9 if you include the washing tool]

the first tool is the hammer
[you can crack ur desktop]

the second is the chainsaw while the third is a machinegun
[i used both to play tic-tac-toe XD]

the fourth [and mah favorite] is a flamethrower

the fifth is a... um... it's a called a color-thrower in tha game

the sixth is a laser!

the seventh is a stamp
[yeah, i dont like it much either]

and the eighth are termites
[they're eating tha desktop!]

and the last tool is a watergun used to clean evrything else up.

i used to have so much fun with this.

and i always will.

i guess now they're "Boredom Reducers"

who@... i have more flash games! [sent by the same classmate]

looks like i found mah cure for boredom XD


movie trip!

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and i loved it!!!

the movie was so.... AWESOME.

amazing battle scenes... werewolves.... amazing effects.... werewolves.... great plot.... WEREWOLVES.

in case you havent noticed, i support the Lycans 100%!

those damn vampires had no right to exploit the Lycans and their blood!

i dont get one thing though... wat up with those council members?

were they or were they not vampires?

if they were, why didnt they fight back?
they were the easiest to kill!

and damn, the Lycans are HUGE! and fast XD

anyway, the movie was great. im looking forward to a possible 4th installment of the Underworld series.

if you havent seen it yet, what are you waiting for!?

its still showing in theaters!

and a side-note: Goodbye to Agnes, Kelly, and Kim. Have a safe flight. We hope to see you again sometime soon!

well, as Lucian[and xai XD] said, "This is just the beginning."
watch out for more movie reviews! [which means more movie trips! ice age 3 is coming up!]