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after many unsuccessful attempts....

mah first GIF!!!!

here it is:

in case you cant tell, those are fish

to be specific, fish from the taoist temple

it could have been longer but mah fone only supports up to five continuous shots

waaaaaa... i miss mah old fone!!!

it supported up to twleve continuous shots...

and i wasnt able to use it to the fullest extent...

oh well, thats all in the past.

i have a new fone, and its better than i thought it would be [dual sim~]


post-bday surprise

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yah... mah birthday was 4 days ago...

but that didnt stop mah friends from giving me a gift [ok, 3 gifts, 4 if you include the messages]

they gave me a huge mug with messages rolled up and tied together with a bracelet

and a pillow XD [yes. thats a pillow]

sure the mug is too huge for me.. and the pillow has a questionable design...

but i love mah gifts~

i loved the messages too~

enx sooooooooooo much evryone!!!



sunday at mah lola's

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every time there's a birthday [or any reason to celebrate something]

we go to mah grandmother's house on a sunday close to the event

we would have lunch there and stay for dinner and go home close to 9 in the evening

that's what we did today

this time, it was to celebrate a birthday

to be specific, mine, my aunt's, and my cousin's birthday

i finally invited some friends over [ i need the company, i would be stuck there with a lot of little kids]

i say finally coz my birthday usually falls on a schoolday and we usually just celebrate at school

i cant do that now since i dont have a specific section to celebrate with

just friends scattered around the second floor

unfortunately, there were some who couldnt make it after all [akapta]

but we had fun otherwise hahahah

aside from that, we went home bloated [har har]

too many snacks....

just for the heck of it, i'll enumerate:

there was the choco fountain [which exploded]

the mango pandan

the cupcakes

the cake

and the egg salad sandwiches

well, thats what most birthdays are about right?



temple time

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we went to taoist temple today~

yes, we had free time [i dont cut class!]

the walk towards may have been exhausting

but once we got to the temple, all of that was left behind and we
began to gaze in awe at the many structures and altars within

the tower above is near the entrance to the main part of the temple

there was a turtle
in the.. um... [was that a pond?] lets call it a fountain sort of thing

we took a lot more pics... but it wasnt mah digicam... and they're not uploaded yet


or not

well, a downside to this outing was the heat

it was so damn sunny~

there were a lot of clouds but they weren't doing their job!


that aside, we had a lot of fun

we were finally able to go after an unsuccessful attempt not too long ago XD


patatim and pancit

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otanjoubi omedetou to me~

[where are mah gifts? O.o]

nah, im joking [hahah. nus2 tried to make a funny]

anyweiz.... wow... i cant believe it's already been a year....

ok i can... i just dont want to

im not 16 anymore

but i still feel like the bunso

no, im not complaining

i dont mind at all

knowing that everyone is older than me... doesnt put me in an uneasy state at all

im luvin it

so... i dont celebrate until sunday....

but we did buy some patatim and pancit for dinner [its not a birthday without pancit]

waaaaaa~ had so much fun today~

definitely better than last year!

hope next year is even more awesome


scarlet sunset

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waaaaaa~ a scarlet sky~

i haven't seen one of these in a long time....

at 5:30 the sky is so dark you'd think it was already 7

i was pretty lucky to encounter this on my way home

for the sky to actually be that shade of red-orange at sundown....

life might be turning out for the best XD

and yes, i take pics of the sky XD

watch out for more~


from why... to what if

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here's something else people wont shut up about...


actually... i agree with these guys

what if it rains?

what if they dont like it?

what if it doesnt catch fire?

you should doubt everything around you.. constantly question your surroundings and what goes on

to prove it.... STORY TIME~

it was a tuesday [or maybe it was a thursday] and the day of a major exam in one of our lab subjects

but i didnt know that O.o

earlier that day, a mass was held in the school's chapel. and classes were suspended from 3.. until 5.

i didnt know that either O.o

i thought all classes from 3 onwards would be cancelled

so... i was unable to take our midterm exam....

i was devastated! [but i still got a 2.2 for my midterm grade XD]

and that is why im encouraging you to doubt more

counter everyone's what if's with your own

what if it DOESNT rain?

what if they DO like it?

what if it DOES catch fire?

uh.... you should probably disregard that last one [im not an arsonist!]


popular topic

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here's one of everyone's favorite questions....


why would you even bother?

why do you care?

why would you even try?

actually, the answers to all 'why' questions start with a firm 'because'.

the rest of the sentence is just optional XD

but what annoys me is a certain follow-up to these questions....

why.. followed by 'the world is ending anyway'

or 'we're just gonna die in the end'

or 'it's not like it's gonna last forever'

our time is limited. that much we can agree on.

but if you know that, would you want your most recent memories to be of you not doing the best you can at something you enjoy?

didn't think so XD


yah... i know sinulog was yetserday [pit senor~]

but i didnt have a chance to write about it yesterday.


hate to admit it, but that was the first time in a long time that i actually went out for sinulog

and i made so many mistakes!

we were gonna meet up wid frends at jollibee in mango ave.

first stop: UC banilad

from there, we rode a 13C instead of a 62B [that would take us to the terminal]

so we got off at ayala, and actually circled it. when all we had to do was turn right for the terminal! grrrrr

at the terminal, we got on a 14D that took almost forever to take off.

then, walking towards jollibee, we encountered a massive crowd. we couldnt get through.

and thats how we got stuck at fuente osmena. at least the lollipops helped eased the stress.

we were there for a while... until xai called and told me that they were at the jollibee near CIC


i forgot that there were two jollibees in mango.... and we were near the wrong one.

so, we walked [ALONG mango ave]

sorry i made you walk so much!

but the walk was worth it. we still had fun XD

we got to see the parade as we walked alongside it [we were going in the opposite direction]

we eventually got to the venue

and we saw the fireworks display at ayala afterwards

i can probably say that was the best sinulog [so far]

we'll see if next year can beat this year XD


2nd best

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i've been meaning to blog again for some time now.

but im incredibly lazy! but then again here i am XD

its just that... a lot of people are suddenly bloggin now

and mah brain is too full... i nid to release a few thoughts....

but will i conform myself to the standards of society?

to do something simply because everyone else is doing it?


but i will blog again XD

and i hope, this time, i actually keep on posting

so stay tuned. coz from here, it can only get better