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merry christmas.

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and a happy new year. :]


red and green

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2 days left until my posts will be filed under 'December' instead of 'November'.

the Christmas season is just around the corner. and the signs are obvious.

before all that, i have but one question:

Why is the Season so infectious whereas the Spirit isn't as?

ok, so i didn't really start this post to rant about that issue.

my real motive? i finally have a wishlist.

i can't remember the last time i made one... or if i ever made one at all.

the things on my list aren't what i or anyone else would expect though.

Stephen King's Everything's Eventual

The Dictionary of Mythology

The Best of Edgar Allan Poe's Macabre Tales

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Volumes 1 - 5 in a Trilogy of Five

[no available pic for Volume 5]

but i think i'll save up for these instead.

unless anyone wants to surprise me with a gift or two



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[The Millenium Earl~]


wb. :]

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yeah... um... so, finals ended last week.

how'd it go? well, as usual, departmental exams were murder [or massacre].

and the final exams of the other subjects weren't that bad.

but due to problems of a monetary nature, most of my final exams won't be graded

but i dont really care about that [i didnt study after all]

the projects got me worked up.

our java program was due in only one week. and with no time to sit in at the comp. lab i had to work on it at home and hope i had enough time to encode during our class.

thankfully, i did.

as for the 213 project..well, we did finish it but we spent so much time working on it.

it was like we spent all day long in the ECE lab.

arriving early [sort of] in the morning and leaving in the late afternoon or in the evening for a week or so.

and here's what we ended up with :

with all that behind us, we can just hope we passed all of our subjects and look forward to the 2nd semester.

/* pic courtesy of: _mArNz_ */



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we're well into the month of october. and our finals are next week.

you know what that means. time to pay the fees, cram for exams, and rush to beat the deadlines.

so far, i've got 3 projects for finals. and my finals grades may have to depend on them.

wish us all luck. we're gonna need it.

/** coming up:
* sem break~
* enrollment for 2nd sem
* ARCH-Con at Ayala, October 24 **/

//it's almost the end of the sem...and we're still missing one CESDEV requirement! ><


Intrams '09 at UC-B

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our intramurals start today... but the opening ceremony isn't until tomorrow

CCS men's basketball is doing great so far with 4 wins and NO LOSSES

the women's volleyball didn't do so well though... but they'll make up for it in the Allied vs. Nursing Women's Basketball Game this saturday

did i forget to mention? our intrams lasts 4 days this year [im just sayin]

all the other events will be held over the next few days

good luck to all CCS participants! and WIN!!!!


A night in August

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as I sat there, the classroom dissolved. only to reconstruct as a fastfood restaurant.
we were having lunch... after 5:30 in the afternoon. we planned to study there as well. so i left to buy snacks. what i saw outside looked oddly like those usually empty squares you see when you enter SM. you know, the ones with the food stalls. the first one i came across was boring. so I went to the next one.

the concrete floor turned to grass as I made my way down. and the night sky was visible overhead. a crowd had formed a circle around the stalls. no one dared to enter. but some would occasionally stand in front of a stall to take a picture [or have their picture taken]. the power was out. i circled around to the back, just as someone stepped forward and announced he could restore the power. he flipped a switch, and the power of the building i never noticed before next to the square went out.

slowly, the building's power came back. and so did the square's. i was zipped into the 'Claim' line of Oishi Manjuu. since i didn't order yet, i inserted into the order line. after i got what i wanted, i started my way back. Hey look, EJ tagged along. i never noticed. we took a different route. a dark path in the path, illuminated by a single lamp post. the park bench was positioned right in the middle in the path. i noticed it just as a pack of domesticated yet savage dogs passed us on the other side of the bench."Don't run", I...um... what's louder than a whisper but still not really audible?

as soon as we were out of sight, we ran for it. the path had sloped downwards, ending in a vast dead end. on the left, a huge house[ancestral maybe?]. to our right, a hill. upon closer inspection, a hill covered in spider webs. the dogs started barking... and started running towards us. we couldn't hide in the house. we would easily be found. so i started climbing. the webs made it easy. i just reached the top. the dogs were right there. i was flung back. and i never landed....

/* nyahahah.this was a dream.i had to draw the last two scenes for a psych project.
* it's hard to update when i don't have net or determination.XD
* i wanna post more...maybe later this week
* im gonna change my header soon ^^ */


worst.morning.so far

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this day could have started out much worse.

so why didn't it go better than expected?

my dad's away on a business trip, so i gotta help out more around the house.

one way is helping my mother in the morning when she's taking my younger bros to school.

this sucks MAJOR when my first class starts at 7:30 on tth

so, after helping out today, i was able to leave the house at 7:35 [all the jeepneys were full]

i finally got a ride at 7:58

then i got a msg as on my way to school.

it said "Janus wer u nag test bya sah ecOnOmicz prelim."


i ddnt know we would be having our prelim test.

i arrived at school with 30 minutes left for the exam, so i had to rush my answers.

i don't know how i did. i know i didn't do too well.

this just makes my resolve stronger.



mango grove?

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since i'm a second year, i now have to participate in CESDEV activities.

eh? CESDEV? it's an acronym.

oh.lol.it stands for Community... something... Services.... and DEVelopment... i think

well, our activities range from attending seminars held by the volunteers/teachers/our coordinator, and taking part in community outreach programs.

speaking of outreach programs, we just had one today ^^

yup, it's my first


our first outreach program was entitle "Coastal Cleaning and Mangrove Planting"

we were, of course, excited about the "Mangrove Planting". and we were, of course, discouraged by the "Coastal Cleaning". but all we did was plant seedlings XD

the area we were stationed at was muddy and a little submerged in water. up to our calves i think. great place to plant mangroves ne?

and i bet what everyone would remember the most would be the MUD

it was so thick we couldnt wear our slippers coz they might get stuck.

it was squishy beneath our feet and between our toes.

and it wasn't all mud. there was trash there too. pointy trash..

ok, they weren't all pointy. but they were still trash.

anyway, our whole activity .... actually, just the part where we planted the seedlings was covered by GMA [the network not the president]. and they interviewed our coordinator and some of the volunteers.

it was pretty quick. like 2 hours or so.

but it was a great experience. we loved it ^^

too bad it didn't end very well. a lot of us felt tired.

and people took over our seats on the bus

we had to stand and waited until someone got off.

frustration mixed with exhaustion is something you don't wanna mess with.

all in all, we look forward to the next outreach.

now for some pics:

for more pics, check out my facebook album "UCbanilad-related"
add me up: jm_ilano@yahoo.com ^^

.lol moments.
destination FAIL [abot mi compostela]
"kung mg.picture2 mo... dli pde mg.posing.dapat scripted ha?"
pibi constantly worrying bout her cellfone's time settings.
"mango grove planting"
grant's slipper stuck in the muck


add wolves for flavor

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it's been a hell of a week. definitely not what i was expecting.

the one week delay of the start of classes meant i had to be stuck at home for 1 MORE WEEK

i thought that when school started i would feel much better. but i was wrong. DEAD wrong
i only felt a little bit better

the physical presence of my friends and the fact that i was constantly on the move was overshadowed by SCHOOLWORK

i dont really mind that the teachers would want to get started with their discussions

we already missed 1 week. and we had to make up for the lost time.

but the sense of dread and unenthusiasm that comes with school-/homework hit me hard

plus, im not liking my new schedule... much

i go home as early as 5:30 n MWF [yup.to me that's early]

and an hour and a half in between every class isn't as awesome as it sounds

for some reason i wanna do really good this year.

that must mean my insane drive to succeed in the future is kicking in [nus2 is growing up]

waaaaaaaaaaaaa im actually a 2nd year. only 2 more years and i'll be joining the working class

I CAN WAIT [wish me luck]


their floor, our ceiling

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today is the last day of my summer job.

i can't believe summer's almost over. well, i can. i just dont want to XD

but at least i was able to do something worthwhile instead of just lazing around the house all day for weeks.

all the money i earned goes into funding for my laptop

since summer's almost over, school's about to start.

it's weird, but i can't wait to try out my new schedule [i dont know if i'll love it or hate it]

all i can do is wait [anxiously XD]

in more recent news, i has new shoes ^^

[the brand may not be original but i love them anyway]

yah... they're already dirty... the road was sooooo muddy

i saw "night at the museum 2" at ayala with clarke today [i wish ej could have come]

i liked the plot. never knew a movie about a museum could be exciting XD

it was funny too. not funny "haha", funny "LOL"

i cant wait to see transformers 2, harry potter 6, and ice age 3

but that's a story for another time ^^


it wasn't there....

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i thought i was going to get a new set of keys today.

so i stopped by countrymall on my way home from work to buy a new key chain.

i quickly found the place we bought them before.

only to discover, in utmost horror, that they weren't there anymore...


i looked around but even the dolphins and feet weren't there.

oh well, i guess it's time to get something else...


but i don't want to



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i lost mah keys today

but more importantly i lost my PENGUIN

i lost it...

i lost it...

i lost it...